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Krav Maga

A system of self defence that is both easy to learn and that does not require years of practice or masses of muscle to gain proficiency.

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Get started in Krav Maga today with BAKM

Described by The Sunday Times as 'the UK's leading Krav Maga school'.

We have the 4 main "Getting Started” options listed below.

Other options are: Corporate & Private Training, Teen Class or Luxury Krav Maga Boot Camp.

On occasion we also have the odd Krav Maga Promotion which can be worth checking out too….

krav maga trial class

Krav Maga Getting Started Option 1
Take A Krav Maga Trial Class

The trial class costs just £15 per person online (or £25 cash on the day) and serves as a valuable insight into self defence.

It is also designed as an introduction to the type of training we do at our club. This is a 2 hour course and is compulsory for anyone wishing to join.

Please also try to be there at least 15 minutes before the class starts so we may fill out any necessary health & fitness questionnaires etc prior to commencing training.

The trial class cost is included in option 3, shown below, if you wish to save money.

krav maga beginner package

Krav Maga Getting Started Option 2
Join The Beginner Course

The Krav Maga Beginner Course is designed for those students who have little or no self defence / martial arts training experience and would like to have a period of training that covers the fundamentals involved in Krav Maga.

We run the beginners course every Wednesday, 7.00pm until 9.00pm at the Millbank Academy in Pimlico with a rolling syllabus so that you can slot into the course on any given Wednesday, with the option of joining the “regular" member only classes at any point during your course.

Terms & Conditions

The beginner course is limited to 10 Wednesday sessions & is non transferable & non refundable. If you decide to join our school as a regular member during the course, your remaining sessions will still be available to you, but we will not refund the difference if you choose not to attend these sessions. Wednesday sessions can be taken whenever you have the opportunity to attend, as long as you stay within your 10 session maximum.

Just £99

krav maga beginner package

Krav Maga Getting Started Option 3
Join The School As A Regular Member With The Monthly or Yearly
Membership Package

If you decide to sign up to regular training through monthly or yearly direct debit on one of our membership packages, then you will not have to pay for the trial class. All you have to do is turn up with a copy of your membership payment.

Your membership will start as soon as you have signed up online (having made a pro rata payment).

To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the sign up button below, which will take you to the automated direct debit system. Choose your membership option & you will be enrolled as a regular member in our school.

Fast DD
krav maga beginner package

Krav Maga Getting Started Option 4
5 Day Krav Maga Intensive Course.

The 5 day Intensive Krav Maga course is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors. This course is 5 days of 8 hours tuition per day with attendee numbers deliberately kept low to enhance learning. This course is ran as a private session, with the added bonus of giving significant savings when you compare the cost to private tuition.

During this course participants will learn:

  • fitness drills for self defence
  • the psychology of self defence
  • avoidance & awareness techniques
  • verbal dissuasion
  • target hardening
  • effective striking & kicking
  • defences against chokes
  • defences against weapons
  • ground fighting
  • defences against multiple assailants

& more …...

All training & protective equipment equipment is provided and participants will also receive a certificate of attendance signed by the BAKM Chief instructor.

Cost: £550 Per Person (Limited Places)