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Krav Maga

A system of self defence that is both easy to learn and that does not require years of practice or masses of muscle to gain proficiency.

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The Much Acclaimed 5 Day (& 7 Day) Intensive Krav Maga Self Defence Course

Course Dates

March 2015, London: Starts 10am Thursday 26th March 2015 to 5pm Monday 30th March 2015 (4 Places Left, £700 P/P, 5 Day Course)

April 2015, London: Starts 10am Saturday 25th April 2015 to 5pm Wednesday 29th April 2015 (6 Places, £700 P/P, 5 Day Course)

May 2015, Menorca: Training Starts 9am Monday 18th May 2015 to 6pm Sunday 24th May 2015 (12 Places, Expert Tuition & Training + Beautiful Villa Accom With Tennis Court & Swimming Pool + Continental Breakfast + Extra Curricular Activities, £1250 P/P, or Early Bird Discount Offer £1100 if paid before May 1st 2015, 7 Day Course - More Details on Krav Maga Luxy Bootcamp

June 2015, London: 10am Thursday 18th June to 5pm Monday 22nd June 2015 (6 Places, £700 P/P, 5 Day Course)

July 2015, London: 10am Thursday 23rd July to 5pm July 27th July 2015 (6 Places, £700 P/P, 5 Day Course)

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The 5 day Intensive Krav Maga course is a unique training experience providing participants with an opportunity to train with BAKM’s highest level instructors. This course is 5 days of 7 hours tuition per day with attendee numbers deliberately kept to no more than 6 people per course.

The course is especially suited to the following:

  • anyone working in a hostile situation or environment
  • anyone about to embark on a world tour (including rock stars!)
  • anyone who needs to build their physical confidence
  • anyone working with voluntary or aid organisations
  • anyone who works in the security services
  • front line medical staff
  • students moving away from home
  • personal fitness trainers
  • medical staff
  • women

During this course participants will learn:

  • fitness drills for self defence
  • the psychology of self defence
  • avoidance & awareness techniques
  • verbal dissuasion
  • target hardening
  • effective striking & kicking
  • defences against chokes
  • defences against weapons
  • defensive ground fighting
  • defences against multiple assailants
  • effective stand up defences

All training & protective equipment equipment is provided.


London: £700 Per Person (Limited To 6 Places)


London: British Academy of Krav Maga, 57 Rossmore Rd, Regents Park, London, NW1 6RB Google Map

Nearest Tube / Rail Station

London: Baker St, Paddington or Baker St.

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5 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

Limited Places! £700 P/P



Terms: You have the right to cancel with a full refund within 14 days of course start date after which time a partial refund will be given according to the course start date.

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7 Day Intensive Krav Maga Course

Limited Places! £1,250 P/P

Only Available Until May 1st 2015


£1,100.00 EARLY BIRD

Baker Street

Private Tuition, Specialist Seminars

57 Rossmore Rd, London, NW1 6RB

krav maga in st johns wood, baker street, marylybone london uk
only 5 minutes walk from Baker St Tube


Beginners Course, Group Classes

Kensington Aldridge Academy, 1 Silchester Rd, London, W10 6EX

krav maga in kensington london uk
only 5 minutes from Latimer Rd, Ladbroke Grove

Marylebone NW1

Private Tuition, Specialist Seminars

57 Rossmore Rd, London, NW1 6RB

krav maga in st johns wood, baker street, marylybone london uk
only 5 minutes walk from Marylebone station


Group Classes

Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT

krav maga in chessington
only 3 minutes walk from Pimlico Tube


Private Tuition

Southbank Health Club, 124 - 130 Wandsworth Rd, London, SW8 2LD

Krav Maga in Vauxhall London
only 5 minutes from Vauxhall Tube/Station