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A system of self defence that is both easy to learn and that does not require years of practice or masses of muscle to gain proficiency.

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Russell Brand & Krav Maga


Russell Brand turns to martial arts to shape up for his wedding to Katy Perry

Last updated at 1:36 PM on 10th May 2010

Since relocating to Los Angeles with fiancée Katy Perry, Russell Brand has embraced the healthy Californian lifestyle.

She's constantly at the gym and now it appears he's looking to add a few muscles to his skinny frame in time for the couple's wedding later this year.

The 34-year-old has started taking lessons in Krav Maga.

Getting in shape: Russell Brand enjoys a private Krav Maga lesson in the Hollywood Hills yesterday

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May 10

Time Out / December 2009

BAKM have again found themselves featured in a leading UK magazine. It goes to show the quality of our school and its instruction once more !

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Fast-track your way to self-defence
You don’t need to spend years mastering the Israeli self-defence discipline krav maga to be able to use it effectively – the system builds on a person’s instinctive reactions when being attacked. Trial classes take place at the University of Westminster central campus, 309 Regent St,W1B 2UW (6.30-8pm), or at 41 Mackennal St, NW8 7DH (7-9pm). £15. See


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Jan 10

'I can beat up anyone': Michelle Ryan gets tough

I trained in the martial-arts discipline of Krav Maga when I was working on Bionic Woman and that has left me feeling so powerful it’s as if I have a pair of magic pants. I know a lot of tricks. I could push someone’s septum back into their skull with the flat of my palm or kick a knife out of someone’s hand. I could break a man’s arm or leg. It’s pretty amazing really. I look like an ordinary girl but I’m as tough as a warrior.


Dec 09

Fight Club

The popularity of the Israeli martial arts technique known as Krav Maga is growing fast throughout the world. Adherents insist that its unrivaled effectiveness more than makes up for its lack of elegance.


Aug 09

Fighting Fit

I AM 5ft 5in, weigh less than 10 stone and I don’t like confrontation. Yet I am about to try out a self- defence technique practised by some of the world’s toughest military men.

Krav Maga, which translates from Hebrew to “contact combat” is not for the faint- hearted. It is the official hand-to- hand combat system used by the Israeli Defence Forces and there are no rules. Students are taught to floor opponents in seconds.

“The system is influenced by boxing, karate, judo and wrestling,” says John Aldcroft, chief instructor of the British Academy of Krav Maga."

“The Israeli army wanted to teach their troops a technique that was quick and easy to learn. They looked at each of these martial arts and took aspects of them that ensured their men left any situation alive,” he explains.....


Jul 09